– Where are you based?  Do you travel?
The main areas I work in are Haslet and Fort Worth, but I will travel anywhere within the DFW Metroplex!  There are several locations I can recommend when you book your session, but the location is completely up to you!  If you would like me to travel outside the DFW Metroplex, there will be a fee.

– What should we wear for our session?

There are no real rules but I will recommend having a purpose for what you wear. I believe the portrait is about the individual and/or family and not the clothing. Clothing should be plain. Avoid patterns, logos, writing, stripes, dots or anything that creates a bright versus dark contrast. Avoid bright shiny fabrics as well. A portrait will still be timeless years to come with well coordinated clothing choices. I tell my clients that trends should also be avoided as they date pictures.  Kids often like brighter clothes and this can be OK especially when done outside. Again, I would think about is the purpose of the picture and consider if it’s just the kids alone..or are the parents to be included. High school seniors sessions are different in that most seniors will have a few different outfits to change into. However, it’s strongly advised for a senior to have one portrait done in a traditional clothing style.

For newborn sessions, I shoot the babies au natural!  If you have hats, headbands or diaper covers that you’d like to use, go ahead and bring them along.  I have plenty of my own props if you don’t have any.  If you would like to be in some of the shots with baby, simple dark clothing is best.  For babies and small children, its best to keep it simple and comfortable.  Depending on what you are going for, you can do bright and vibrant or soft and neutral.  Babies under a year old can also just bare it all and we’ll be careful to keep the “parts” nice and covered.  Headbands, tutus, leg warmers and diaper covers are great for this age.


– What are digital files and how can I use them?
Digital files are the high resolution files that I print from myself which you will get on a CD and have unlimited printing rights to.  This does not mean you own the copyright; that still belongs to me.  If you plan to use the photos commercially in any way, you must get permission from me.  But if you would like to create prints, cards, books, etc.  you are free to do so.  I can recommend a reputable online lab for  your prints so they are high quality and professional looking.  High volume places such as Walmart or Walgreens are not consistent and will not give you the same quality photo.   You are paying for these files, you should want them to look the best they can!

 – What does the session fee include and does it apply to my prints?     The session fee covers my time spent taking your portraits, post-processing your proofs, as well as driving too and from locations, setting up, and packaging prints and files.  The session fee covers all of this time as well as my professional eye and talent.  The fee is not applied to your print order.


– Do you offer specific packages such as 1-8×10, 2-5x7s, etc?
No, I only offer collections with print prices because I don’t want you to feel limited or stuck in a package that doesn’t fit your needs.  With this method, you can also mix and match as many different “poses” as you want.  This gives you the freedom to customize your own package!

– Do you have a studio or office space?
I am in the process of setting up a studio in my home for newborns, babies, and small children.  All other sessions must be done on location.  If you would like to set up a meeting, I can come to your home, or we can meet in a neutral location.